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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Jordan Christopher and Lauree Berger play Frankie and Nanette in this Beach Party spoof film. On a small island off the coast of Florida, a dozen teenagers combine the beach, singing, dancing and rock & roll with a search for buried treasure. They don't know that Irving "The Fat Spy," is also there seeking Ponce de Leon's legendary Fountain of Youth for Wellington, a cosmetics tycoon. When Irving fails to run the teenagers off the island, he calls upon his brother Herman for help.

The Fat Spy gets a bad rap for being a grade-Z stinker but we think it has a lot going for it. For the Beach Party genre completist this film is required viewing. It also features groovy 1960s hairstyles and fashions and singer Johnny Tillotson in his only acting role.

There are a dozen musical numbers, including, "Do The Turtle" which is a slow-motion version of the twist. The wacky (okay, bizarre) nature of the film can be trance inducing and therefore is relaxing. For those who simply can't look away from train wrecks there are plenty of bad jokes and dialog. Two very good reasons to see the film are, Jayne Mansfield.

The Fat Spy features Jordan Christopher and the Wild Things who were the first rock group to record "Wild Thing" before the Troggs turned it into a monster hit. Directed by Joseph Cates (Phoebe's father). Jordan Christopher later starred in, Cult Of The Damned.

Songs include: "Do the Turtle." Jayne Mansfield: "I'd Like to be a Rose in Your Garden (But I'm Just a Thorn in Your Side)." Jordan Christopher & The Wild Ones: "C'mon Down," "Wild Way of Living," "People Sure Act Funny." Johnny Tillotson: "Where Is The Girl For Me" and "If I See You Again." Lauree Berger: "You Put Me Down The Nicest Way You Can."

Jayne Mansfield, Johnny Tillotson, Brian Donlevy, Jordan Christopher & The Wild Ones, Phyllis Diller, Jack E. Leonard, Lauree Berger, Lou Nelson, Toni Lee Shelly, Penny Roman.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. short film. Starring Linda and Michelle (Who Dance Better Than They Dress). Bongos, shaking hips, high heels, hot legs, wigs, "the twist," go-go cages, tassels, pinky rings, bouncing butts, blue eye shadow, nice breasts, "the monkey," white levis with panty lines, amazing breasts, jewelry, "the frug," cheetah-skinned thong. What was left on editing-room floor?

THE FAT SPY 1966 movie on DVD!

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