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Realistic British teen movie with musical soundtrack by Paul McCartney and arranged by George Martin.

U.K. film. Hayley Mills plays "Jenny" a virgin who is marrying "Arthur" played by Hywel Bennet. The newlyweds will be living with Arthur's family in a working-class, northern England factory town and are looking forward to their honeymoon. The wedding reception features a mop top rock & roll band and all the guests dance, smoke cigarettes and drink lots of of ale. Arthur's father loves his drink and has several too many and makes a scene. The reception ends and Arthur's father invites the guests back to his home to continue the partying where some "friends" play a practical joke that causes the newlywed's bed to collapse just as they're about to consummate their marriage.

The next day when they arrive at the travel agent to begin their honeymoon, the newlyweds discover a crowd and the police. It appears the travel agent was a fraud and ran off with the money and left Jenny and Arthur with no honeymoon. Living with his parents causes a lack of privacy and results in Arthur being unable to consummate the marriage. After six weeks Jenny suggests that Arthur talk to someone about his trouble. While Arthur is talking with the therapist a washer-woman overhears the conversation. As people begin talking some past secrets are revealed.

The film was controversial when released because it featured a rear nude scene with Hayley Mills, a former child star who had played previously "cute" roles. Paul McCartney's soundtrack has many familiar "Beatles-sounding" melodies. Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett, John Mills, Marjorie Rhodes, Avril Angers, John Comer, Barry Foster. Wilfred Pickles, Liz Fraser, Andy Bradford, Murray Head. The Family Way!

THE FAMILY WAY 1966 movie on DVD!

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