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Tag - a label associated with something for the purpose of identification.

Tag - metadata that helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching.


Huh?  Okay. Let's make it easy. You're on our website. You've seen a film we carry. You're reading the description and realize it's missing information that you think is cool. You think the missing information will help other people find and appreciate the title. This is a perfect time to add a tag!




You've seen a film and remember that it has scenes depicting architectural landmarks that no longer exist. You think other people would find this interesting so you create a tag like, 'Brooklyn Paramount Theater.'    



Good relevant tags help you locate titles with specific content and help you discover titles you might like.




Suppose you're searching for movies with scenes containing rockabilly music.  Or, beatniks.  Or, garage bands.

You could enter those phrases into our website search engine and see if they're included in the title descriptions—but you could also view all tags to see if someone has tagged any titles with the keywords: 'rockabilly,' 'beatniks' or 'garage band.'



Our website search engine searches titles and descriptions—but tags are another way to search and add descriptive content. Tags are user-created, that means you create them. Tags can help you find the kind of titles you'll dig the most!




Tags are powerful because a description cannot contain every piece of information about the title; so if you know a title contains scenes showing a Seeburg M100C jukebox, and it's not mentioned in the title description, feel free to add the tag, 'Seeburg jukebox.'


There are times when people are searching for a film but can’t remember the title.  However they do remember that it has a scene showing two girls wearing bullet bras in a catfight and pulling each other's hair. Again, they could use our website search engine and see if this information was included in the description, or they could view all tags to see if some nice person has already created tags like 'bullet bra' or 'catfight.'



These are only a few examples... but are you starting to get the idea? Generally, tags should be single words or short phrases. If you're about to enter a tag and realize it'll take a sentence or more, please send us an email and we'll add your information to the title description. Tags become more useful as more people add them. This website was launched February, 2011. Hopefully soon, with your help, there will be lots of relevant tags that'll help everybody find the cool titles they dig the most!


Note: Please use some thought and restraint when writing tags, they should be helpful to others—not confusing. Tags are moderated. No tags containing swear words, inappropriate comments or bogus information will be accepted.


Go "tag it" baby!