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Do you have any of the titles below? Or, cool titles that you think belong in our catalog? If yes, please send us an email to let us know. We're always interested in getting new 50s, 60, & 70s youth culture video material. -Thanks


Here's some stuff we're looking for...





Jovenes El La Zona Rosa   US 70

Brand X

  US 62 Rebel Angel   US 65 Daytona Beach Weekend  
  US 69 Out of It
US 67 On The Flip Side (ABC Stage 67)  
  US 60 Runaway   US 68 Road Hustlers, The  
  US 66 Ski Fever   US 66 Hot Rod Hullabaloo  
  UK 74 Radio Wonderful   US 66 Feeling Good  
  US 62 Ten Girls Ago   UK 68 The Tom Cat (Mini Weekend)  
  UK 6? Touch Of Blarney, A   US 71 Believe In Me  
  US 57 Wayward Girl, The
  US 68 San Diego Surf  
  US 83 "Boone" TV series. 13 episodes.   UK 60 London Nights  
  US 54 Teenage Menace   US 78 Frankie & Annette: 2nd Time Around (TV)  
  US 70 Bongo Wolf's Revenge   US 58 Jalopy Jockeys  
  DE 59 Young Go Wild (Verbrechen nach Schulschluß)   US 55 Unchained   
  US 60 Chartroose Caboose   US 66 Legend Of Bo Diddley, The  
  US 76 Cotton Candy   CA 49 A Cool Sound From Hell  
  PH 66 Let's Do The Freddie   US 59 The Proper Time  
  US 73 Free   US 68
Feast of Friends
  UK 79 Home Before Midnight
  US 67
Teenage Rebellion aka Mondo Teeno  
  MX 67 The Crazy World of the Young
  UK 67 Popdown  
  US 57 Calypso Joe
  US 70 The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart
  US 66 That Tennessee Beat   UK 66
Run With The Wind  
60 Juke Box Racket
US 62
Cosmic Ray

US 70 Devil Rider aka Master's Revenge
  US 75 The Dream Makers  
70 Dreams Of Glass
  UK 66 An Early Clue To A New Direction  
  UK 63 Farewell Performance
  US 66 Feelin' Good  
  US 66 The Gold Guitar
DE 65 Hurra Die Rattles Kommen

US 63 European Nights (released '59 in France/Italy)



In addition to films, we are also looking for TV movies and TV shows depicting almost anything 50s-70s youth culture-related. We're especially looking for local teenage-music TV programs that were broadcast in local markets. Non-USA and non-English language is also sought.  -Thanks