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U.S. film. Excellent quality. Widescreen. A Monkees-style, secret agent, zany, caper film that features a rock group called the Phynx (pronounced: finks) who go on tour in Albania to rescue American show biz personalities who have been kidnapped by Communists!

The rock group is assembled by a top-secret U.S. government computer shaped like a woman and called M.O.T.H.A. Ask a question and the answer card drops out of "her" crotch! M.O.T.H.A. selects an athlete, a campus militant, a black model, and an American Indian to be the perfect rock group for the secret government mission.

The music and lyrics were written by songwriting legends Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Legendary record producer "Phil Baby" is brought in to produce their first record, a song called, "What's Your Sign?" (Evidently they couldn't get real legendary record producer Phil Spector to appear in the film.) Musical instruments by VOX, a division of the Thomas Organ Company.

The star cameos make up a who's who of mid 20th century Hollywood celebrities: Joan Blondell, Martha Raye, Pat McCormick, Rich Little, Jay Silverheels, Sally Struthers, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, Busby Berkeley, Xavier Cugat, Andy Devine, Ruby Keeler, Joe Louis, Pat O'Brien, Maureen O'Sullivan, Ed Sullivan, Rona Barrett, James Brown, Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, George Jessel, Dorothy Lamour, Guy Lombardo, Trini Lopez, Richard Pryor, Colonel Sanders, Rudy Vallee, Johnny Weissmuller and many others!

Plus this bonus selection...

USSR. A short Soviet propaganda film that mocks the Beatles and calls their manager a "fairy."

THE PHYNX 1969 movie on DVD!

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