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Two films. They're at it again...those clean teens from the days of black and white films are getting into pant loads of trouble by messing around with brooze, drugs and sex!

U.S. film. Booze and sex will kill you! Clean teen Ann Dixon hangs out with the experienced Eve Monroe, whose mother is a boozer and indulges extra-marital affairs. After Eve introduces Ann to the joys of alcohol and steamy romance novels, horny teen Tommy invites Ann for a drive and kisses her in a secluded wooded area. Later, Tommy teaches Ann how to smoke and then seduces her. Although Ann cries over her loss of virginity, she continues to date Tommy and, with Eve and her boyfriend Ed, goes drinking at a club. At the club Ann meets Ralph Bennett, a seasoned womanizer, who steals her away from the drunken Tommy.

Ann dates Ralph and spends a long evening alone with him. The next day she joins Ralph at a friend's party, the climax of which is a strip crap game and a nude dip in the swimming pool. The police raid the party and take Ann and Eve to the station's juvenile division. After a medical examination, Eve learns that she has contracted VD and is pregnant. Ralph convinces her to get an illegal abortion. Unfortunately, it doesn't end well for Ann. Ann Dixon, Nell O'Day, Glen Boles, Robert Quirk, Paul Page, Richard Hemingway, Virginia True Boardman, Richard Tucker, Donald Kerr.

U.S. film. Juvenile delinquency exposed! White trash and low lives are fun, but lead to big trouble! Katy White is at death's door in an emergency hospital but is hanging on long enough to tell her story. In flashback, Katy tells of her widowed father, a bank guard trying to raise two teen-age daughters...Katy the good girl and her sister, Laura the bad girl. Katy tries to guide her sister away from bad company, but no such luck.

Al, Laura's hoodlum boyfriend, asks her to steal her father's gun. She does so. Meanwhile, under the guidance of Helen Clark, a kindly policewoman, the better-supervised kids open up a Jive Club in order to keep off of the sinful streets and not drift into juvenile delinquency. Joy and Laura join the club but Laura only in order to keep late hours with Al. But Joy is keeping a watchful eye on Laura.

Music includes: "One Good Turn Deserves Another" and "Master of the Drums." Joy Reese, Warren Burr, Kay Morley, Michael Owen, Rod Rogers, Edwin Brian, Julie Duncan, Sheila Roberts, Ed Cassidy, Mary Arden, Duke Johnson, Johnny Duncan.


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