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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Girl juvenile delinquent hobos! Kay Warren, the daughter of a governor, becomes emotionally involved in the troubles of runaway homeless girls during the Depression. The film presents a montage of dramatizations illustrating the dangers of life on the road, ending with the distressing newspaper headline: "Another Victim of the Hobo Girl Strangler."

When her father refuses to take action based on information in a report, Kay decides to do something about the growing problem so she leaves home disguised as a girl hobo on the run with a fake back-story. While hitchhiking she gets a lift from a creepy guy who tries to "touch her" as she yells at him to stop. She jumps out of his car in a rainstorm and meets a fellow girl hitchhiker Mickey, and they make their way to a female hobo camp that is soon busted by the cops.

After a stay in a woman's jail (riot scene!), the female hobos are taken to the train station and herded onto boxcars headed for the state border where they will be processed by the local authorities. When one of the girls causes the sheriff to fall off the moving train, they think he's been killed and the entire group runs from the train, scattering in all directions.

Kay and Mickey stop at a motor court where they offer shelter to Jerry, a former jail mate who robs them and rats them out to the cops. Kay and Mickey manage to avoid arrest, thanks to a kindhearted truck driver, and they make their way to a hobo camp run by a tough broad named Ellie. The girls soon realize that the camp is a terrible place where excruciating living conditions lead to violence and crime.

When Irene, a dying young bride-to-be is brought into the camp to receive critical medical attention, the girls abandon her, but Kay forces them to realize the importance of helping one another. The girl dies, and the others stand united at her graveside. As Kay documents the abuses that are taking place in the camps, the truck driver discloses her location to the cops and she is returned to her father where he promises, as governer, his support in building a shelter for homeless female hobos.

Ann Dvorak, Helen Mack, Lola Lane, Marjorie Cooley, Ann Doran, Mary Field, Mary Booth, Madelon Grayson, Evelyn Young, Bruce Bennett, Eddie Laughton, Don Beddoe, Howard C. Hickman.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. TV show promos. The Time Tunnel, Shindig, The Green Hornet, Milton Berle Show, 12-O'Clock High, Iron Horse, The Rat Patrol, The Felony Squad, Peyton Place, The Big Valley, Bewitched, Get Smart, Mannix, Don Rickles Show, Gunsmoke, Smother Brothers Show, Room 222, Love American Style, Movie of the Week, Johnny Cash Show, Music Scene, The New People, The Survivors, The FBI, Harry O, Kung Fu, Happy Days, Six Million Dollar Man, The Rookies, Chopper One, Toma, The Odd Couple, The Mod Squad, Courtship of Eddie's Father.

The Smith Family, The Guns of Will Sonnett, Second Hundred Years, This is Tom Jones, That Girl, N.Y.P.D., Shirley's World, The Persuaders, Streets of San Francisco, Temperatures Rising, The Sixth Sense, Brady Bunch, The Immortal, Matt Lincoln, Dan August, The Most Deadly Game, The Smokie Robinson Show, The Young Lawyers, The Man and the City, The Outcasts, Run Simon, Run, Movies of the Week include: Women in Chains, And No One Could Save Her, The Longest Night, Duel, Snatched, and Divorce His : Divorce Hers.

GIRLS OF THE ROAD 1940 movie on DVD

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