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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Stock car racing, death, embezzlement and fake news. Maxwell Carstairs is hired by a syndicate to manage a small stock car racetrack and turn the sport into a lucrative gambling venture. In order to increase attendance at the track, Carstairs and newspaperwoman Georgia Clark invent a feud between Gary Regal and Bobby Goodwin, two drivers who grew up together, and who both love the same girl, Shelley Newman.

At first, they ignore the fake news stories, but their rivalry eventually becomes genuine. Despite growing crowds, the syndicate is dissatisfied with the project and applies pressure on Carstairs, who starts embezzling funds. Bobby's mechanic, Bowser Smith, finally reveals the truth about the journalistic lies, despite Carstairs' threat to expose Bowser's involvement in a fatal crash that drove him out of racing.

When Bobby refuses to drive Carstairs' car at the International 500, Bowser replaces him only to be killed in a crash. Bobby decides to quit racing and settle down on a farm with Shelley, while Gary goes on to become one of the most successful stock car racers in the country. In addition, Gary's father marries Bobby's mother, and everyone is happy except Carstairs, who has been arrested for embezzlement.

Tommy Kirk said he was high on drugs during filming. Majel Barrett-Roddenberry was appearing in Star Trek at the time of this film. Faith Domergue was known as was the "Scream Queen" after appearing in many 1950s horror and science fiction B-movies. TV station logo bottom right corner. Tommy Kirk, Ray Stricklyn, H.M. Wynant, Brenda Benet, Faith Domergue, Majel Barrett, Chet Stratton, James Dobson, Paul Crabtree, Sam Tarpley.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. classroom film. Filmed in Buffalo, NY. This film is a real bummer. We're introduced to a nice mother, her cute little pre-school daughter, a fine-looking teenage chick, and three juvenile delinquent boys.

Through a series of events the three hoods steal a '55 red and black Pontiac convertible, pick up the teenage chick, and get chased by the police. The tension mounts, the car is speeding around a corner—hey, where is that cute little girl and her mother? Gulp! You'll find out.

TRACK OF THUNDER 1967 movie on DVD

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