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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Cool 60s marijuana exploitation movie about a delinquent teenage pot smoking club called "Mary Jane." The film begins with a car full of pot smoking teens driving recklessly down the road until they hit and kill a bystander then go off a cliff and die themselves. The civic leaders are up in arms about what to do with this evil weed problem! A loner, loser teen wants to join the Mary Jane club so bad he'll do anything! The mean club leader gets the loser stoned on hash and makes him steal.

Fabian plays an art teacher who tries to help the kids while he falls for a hot blonde teacher who we find out later is a junkie-slut and the town dope dealer—but she won't let Fabian even cop a feel.

Terrific 60s druggy soundtrack by Mike Curb and Sidewalk Productions includes the tunes "The Fun Zone," "Grass Party," "Theme from Mary Jane," and "Store Stealing." Fabian, Diane McBain, Michael Margotta, Kevin "Wild In The Streets" Coughlin, Patty "Bad Seed" McCormack, Joe E. Ross, Russ Bender, Gary Marshall, Teri Garr, Dick Gautier, Peter Marshall, Phil Vandervort, Robert Lipton. Written by comedian Dick Gautier and game show host Peter Marshall.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. film. Interesting anti-drug educational film with sitars and trippy fuzz guitar on soundtrack. "The age of bobby socks and ice cream sodas are gone. The now generation feels disenchanted with the world around them and have simply dropped out." The very straight Dr. John T. Boroughs tells us the evils of drug use. Oddly, he pronounces barbiturates (which I think should be pronounced bar-bicha-rits) as barberchurates! (barber-churayts) Huh!? Cool scenes include teenage pot parties, joint rolling and LSD trip sequences with tacky psychedelia and groovy fashions.

MARYJANE 1968 movie on DVD

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