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Double Feature!

U.K. film. Excellent quality. 4:3 aspect ratio. It's the London groupie scene! Lots of full frontal nudity (people were hairy in '72!) drug abuse, rock 'n' roll and bad behavior.

Suzy is a nice innocent girl who comes to London to visit her friend Fiona. When she gets to Fiona's flat she finds her friend in bed with an ugly (sorry dude), way-too-hairy, "rock musician" and so begins Suzy's introduction to the underworld of the groupies.

When Fiona brings the naive Suzy backstage one of the groupies says, "Oh, she'll be doing a lot of pulling tonight." Suzy looks confused and doesn't understand but she very quickly moves from "free love" to balling almost anyone in sight, including Fiona's main guy. Soon jealously, weirdness and debauchery take over.

The film plays out amid an endless cycle of rock concerts, groupies jockeying for position, backstage groping, hotel room balling, parties, and travelling to the next gig. Permissive is somewhat reminiscent of "Go Ask Alice" as we watch Suzy go from innocence, to having a good party time, to becoming deeply involved in the scene, and ultimately spiraling out of control.

Real life rock group, Forever More act (uh, well...) and perform songs that tie in to the storyline. The film has a documentary look and vibe, which helps the viewer feel like a fly on the wall during the proceedings.

Permissive is from the era when rock bands had long frizzy hair, lumberjack beards, wore wide belts on hip-huggers, and played Gibson SG bass guitars (yuk). Music includes: Forever More: "Beautiful Afternoon," "Good To Me," "Sylvester's Last Voyage," "Home Country Blues," "We Sing." Titus Groan: "Can't Find The Words To Say." Maggie Stride, Gay Singleton, Gilbert Wynne, Alan Gorrie, Stuart Francis, Mick Travis, Onnie McIntyre, Debbie Bowen. Permissive.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.K. Documentary. The girls are the hunters, the boys the hunted! The Ravers is an episode from the 1967 TV series "Man Alive" that examines the groupie girls who stalk their pop star prey. The Ravers pushed the censorship boundaries to the limit for its open discussion of sex by the 14-17 year old girls who proudly admit how many pop stars they've had sex with. A promoter admits that he's found band member and groupies having sex backstage and there's not much he can do to prevent it. Lots of cute girls and bad teeth.

PERMISSIVE 1972 movie on DVD

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