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Triple Feature!

U.S. film. This film-oddity is part psychedelic San Francisco hippie, youth culture documentary and part "art house" skin flick! Warning: full frontal nudity as a stoned hippie commune gets into a real love-in.

Cool vintage '68 footage of Haight-Ashbury sidewalks, storefronts and youth scenes. Hear the hippies explain themselves; how they feel about money, sex, pot, LSD, love, cops, music, the establishment, Vietnam, God, the scene and more! Some hippie footage is seen over LBJ speaking.

All nude hippie rock band! Nude hippies dancing to the Beatles and Bob Dylan. Lots of trippy, LSD-inspired visual effects depicting both good and bad "trips." Mind blowing Op Art and big breasts! Lots of hairy private parts. Psychedelic body painted go-go dancers.

In reference to the LSD chemist Owsley Stanley, the end credits read: "Special Effects by Owsley." Candee Earle, Adele Rein, Michelle Angelo, James Brand, Janice Kelly. Like It Is.

Plus these bonus selections...

BUNNY 1971
U.S. educational short. Bunny is a young college girl who is estranged from her mother and lives in a house with other girls. She smokes pot for fun and "raps" about her drug use, why she does it and how it affects her lifestyle, ambitions and self-perception.

Bunny has that late 60s mod "Yardley" look. She and her hot girlfriends smoke a joint, drink cheap wine and act silly. She also digs Psilocybin and Mescaline, especially the way colors look. Actually everything is a lot better, she says, when you're stoned.

TOM 1972
U.S. educational short. Tom is an intellectual longhair drop-out, hippie, surfer dude from southern California who does all the usual early 70s hippie things like, smoking week, dropping acid and hanging out with other hippies like him. He goes on stoner hikes in the woods and brings his flute and jams with a friend on an acoustic guitar.

Tom is into self-realization. He likes to make pottery (I guess most things having to do with pot are cool with Tom!) He gives a demonstration on how to properly prepare and take peyote. Then he and his friends draw stars on each other's faces. Warning: you might get a contact high watching this film.

LIKE IT IS 1968 movie on DVD

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