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PARTY'S OVER, THE 1963 (1965)

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THE PARTY'S OVER 1963 (1965)
U.K. film. Excellent quality. 1:66:1 Widescreen. Complete and un-cut. One of the best portrayals of beatniks on film. "The Party's Over" was filmed in 1963 but because of censorship issues was not released until 1965. The film begins at a wild beatnik house party where a girl is held upside down and lifted so her painted feet leave "walking footprints" on the ceiling.

A young and rich American girl goes "slumming" and finds bohemian excitement in London with a group of thrill-seeking Chelsea beatniks known as "The Pack," who do nothing but party while living on the edge of "normal" society.

Her fiancée is sent to London to search for her but after a while he learns the sordid details of what happened – the tragedy of her death and what was done to her… after she died.

Look for scenes featuring jazz clubs, beatnik parties, drunken alcoholic binges, naked girls, artists, conversations about self-worth (or lack thereof) and values, black clothing, lots of cigarettes, and stumbling home drunk at daybreak.

Excellent John Barry soundtrack and filmed perfectly in atmospheric black and white. No one wants to be the one to say, "the party's over." Oliver Reed, Clifford David, Ann Lynn, Katherine Woodville, Louise Sorel, Mike Pratt, Maurice Browning, Jonathan Burn, Eddie Albert.

Plus this bonus selection...


U.K. newsreel. It's a look at London's bohemian coffee bars. Many famous coffee bars are shown. Cool footage in the 2Is featuring a rock & roll band playing while the crowd jives away! When a square invades a hipster scene all the beatniks give him the evil eye.

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