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Double Feature!

U.K. 1960s sluts! The girls are the hunters, the boys the hunted! The Ravers is an episode from the 1967 TV series "Man Alive" that examines the groupie girls who stalk their pop star prey. The Ravers pushed the censorship boundaries to the limit for its open discussion of sex by the 14-17 year old girls who proudly admit how many pop stars they've screwed.

The episode follows the British pop group Simon Dupree & The Big Sound who perform their single, "Day Time, Night Time" while the girls work themselves into a frenzy. The group signs autograph books, arms, legs and breasts! Then there are the girls who don't want an autograph; they want Simon...or any pop star! The girls happily rattle off the names of the rockers they've slept with. "I was with the drummer of the Jeff Beck group for two hours!"

Scenes include: The groupies mob the band and force their way into their van. The interviewer asks Simon if he thinks the girls are abnormal. Simon looks at him as if he's insane and says, "No!" The girls invade the group's dressing room, grab and kiss them, and grope their bare chests. The band says that when they talk to other rock groups they all know the same girls! The girls reveal their secrets on how to score pop stars.

The Ravers was mostly filmed at the local church hall in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire where many of the top bands of the sixties played including the 'Swinging Blue Jeans', 'The Animals', 'Screaming Lord Such' and 'Dave Berry' to name only a few. A promoter admits that he's found band member and groupies having sex backstage and there's not much he can do to prevent it. Lots of cute girls and bad teeth. The Ravers!

Plus these bonus selections...

AUS. This excellent documentary on Melbourne's mod "teen and 20 set" provides an overview of music, fashion, sex, and the youth scene. Look for: girls who complain about their parents and say that teens want sex. A visit to a recording studio for a session by 16-year-old, Lynne Randell where they are looking for "now sounds." Cool discotheque scenes where the youth dance wildly to a live band. A visit to a private hair salon where boys discuss how they want their hair and get mod styled haircuts.

There's a fascinating interview with Carol West, teen pop star manager, where she cynically explains that for teens to become famous they need to, "do what they are told." They must "con the people" into believing they are stars. She talks about her boy stars' pagan lifestyle of having sex with groupies and how her stars become big-headed.

There's a look inside a mod fashion shop where the owner travelled to Carnaby St in London and copied everything exactly in his Melbourne shop. They sell what's "in" and "mod gear" for the "go set." We see a "go-go girl dancing school" where the girls are taught to properly shake their head and emphasize their breasts. The camera almost bangs into one!


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