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Five classic U.S. TV shows with hip beatnik themes. Like, you dig daddy-o?

MISTER ED 1962 "Ed, The Beachcomber." Apr-1-62.
Teenage beatniks have taken over Roger's beachfront property and do nothing but lie around, play records, and ride surfboards all day. Roger asks Wilbur to help rid him of his beatnik problem. Buzz Dixon, one of the beatniks delivers lines like "We dig pessimism" and "Do you dig it the most?" Or course, Mr. Ed becomes, like, a poetry-reciting beatnik, man! He hangs out at the beach and creates beatnik art with the teenagers! Larry Merril, Nancy Lee, Joe Conley, Jay Berniker, Gail DaCorsi.

THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 1965 "Big Daddy Jed." Apr-21-65.
Two-part episode. Elly Mae befriends beatniks who put the bite on Big Daddy Clampett for bread to keep their coffee hangout open! Cools scenes with bongos, jukeboxes, striped shirts, beards, goatees, dark shades, black berets—full beatnik garb and lingo! Cool, daddy-o!

THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 1965 "Cool School Is Out." Apr-28-65.
Granny and the whole Clampett family become beatniks with Jethro totally looking like Maynard G. Krebs! Hilarious! Alan Reed Jr. (son of Alan "Fred Flinstone" Reed) as beatnik leader. Playboy playmate Marianne Gaba as a cool beatnik chick! Granny asks the beatniks if they've ever dug taters, "yeah sure, we dig taters!" Classic 1960s TV series!

GREEN ACRES 1966 "Uncle Ollie." Jun-1-66.
Oliver receives a letter from his beatnik nephew, Chuck, announcing he's coming to town. Next, up pulls a roaring motorcycle driven by a leather-jacketed, long haired, guitar slingin' beatnik hipster. Chuck dishes out classic beatnik lingo and befriends Eb Dawson who says he likes Dizzy Gillespie records. Chuck is impressed until Eb says he thinks Dizzy Gillespie is "neato." Chuck's long hair and sleep-till-noon habits don't mix well with up-at-dawn-chores farm life. Chuck thinks the farm scene is a drag and asks where the happening action is? Next, he finds himself witling on the steps of the general store! Don Edmonds, Tom Lester, Marshall Bradford, Jack Perkins, Pat Buttram, Aly Moore

THE MUNSTERS "Far Out Munsters." Mar-18-65.
The great garage band, The Standells rent 1313 Mockingbird Lane for rockin' and rollin' beatnik weekend of hipster fun! A bearded beatnik "The Hermit" recites "Hip is hip and groove is groovy. Life's a wild Fellini movie!" Not to be outdone, Herman recites his own brand of beatnik poetry! Marilyn is the plain one...again! The Standells rock on the Beatles tune, "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and the original, "Do The Ringo." Classic 1960s TV show.


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