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Double Feature!

U.S. film. One of the rarest beach movies. Filmed in Hawaii, One Way Wahini is a beach comedy-caper featuring thrills, lush Hawaiian tropical tiki splendor and the beautiful Joy Harmon (Va Va Vroom! …the best boobs to ever grace a beach movie!)

A mixed-up, kooky beach babe with a one-way ticket to Hawaii gets entangled in a scheme to con a pair of bank robbers out of their loot! Along the way there are luaus with grass-skirted hula dancers, tikis, and watusi hip shaking kids looking to go-go all night long! Lots of swinging party scenes with wiggling hips and go-go dancing. The two crooks live in a crazy pad decked out with cool James Bond-type gadgets.

Songs include: "One Way Wahine" (sung by Jody Miller over the credits), "When the One Way Wahine Does the Bird" and "When I Look at You" (sung by Ray Peterson on soundtrack). Joy Harmon, Anthony Eisley, Adele Claire, David Whorf, Edgar Bergen, Lee Krieger, Ken Mayer, Harold Fong, Aime Luce, Alvy Moore, Ralph Nanalei. One Way Wahine! Wahini!   Note: The quality of this title is less than our usual high-standard but it is still very watchable and enjoyable.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. documentary. A very cool look at the San Francisco Bay Area teenage scene in 1965! It centers on a Teenage Fair held at the Fairmount Hotel and the San Mateo fairgrounds. One of the film's messages is that marketers are having a dream come true with this new teenage phenomenon called, "baby boomers."

At the Teen Fair, teenage tastemakers, trendsetters, and leaders of the pack from Bay Area high schools are invited to see and give feedback on new and in-development products; everything from clothes, hair styles, music, cars, etc. Look for Rodney Bingenheimer bobbing his head and clapping his hands to the local Mexican-looking, Fender-playing garage group! DJ and Autumn Records founder Tom Donahue spins records in a glass both. Lots of groups! Terrific garage rock and roll!

ONE WAY WAHINE (WAHINI) 1965 movie on DVD!

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