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EEGAH 1962
U.S. film. Arch Hall Jr. is wonderful. Richard Kiel (007 foe "Jaws") cuts a fine figure in this delicious spin on "Beauty and the Beast." Kiel, in the title role, is a million-year-old caveman who has managed to survive into modern times living in California's Mojave desert, and who falls in love with and kidnaps the teenage girl who discovered him in a cave.

Arch Halls Jr.’s rock n roll band “Arch and The Archers” rock out thoughout the proceedings! Arch Hall, Jr., William Watters, Ray Dennis Steckler, Nicholas Merriwether, Richard Kiel, Carolyn Brandt, Marilyn Manning, Bill Rice, William Lloyd. Eegah!

EEGAH 1962 movie on DVD!

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