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Double Feature!

U.S. film. This movie has it all! Southern California, good-looking teens, stacked bikini babes, necking at the beach, go-go twisting, a gorgeous jukebox, a greasy R&B song, rocket ships, explosions in space, murderous body parts, zombie teenagers, singing teen idols, the Skipper from Gilligan's Island, murder, and cool lighting and camera angles!

Dig this fantastic scene in a soda shop where teens drop a coin into a beautiful 1955 Wurlitzer 1800 Jukebox: The camera focuses on the black & white tile floor, it moves forward, you see dancing legs and twisting bodies, the music gets louder, and finally you hear the pulsating beat of the Rivingtons' "The Bird's The Word" while the camera swoops in for a beautiful close-up of the Wurlitzer 1800! It's as good or better than the beginning of, "The Girl Can't Help It!"

Later on a zombie-teenager prowls the street, slithers into the soda shop, sees the old man proprietor sweeping up and slams him into the jukebox! The soda shop lights go dark, the Wurlitzer brilliantly lights up and…Viola! "The Bird's The Word" blares out at full blast volume as the old man is being choked to death! It's a classic scene that would undoubtedly win an award for the, "The best rock and roll scene in a teenage monster-zombie movie of 1963!"

Oh yeah, the movie is about an outer space mission gone wrong. A space capsule explodes and an astronaut's remains come showering down to Earth. His hand survives and becomes a demonic-possessed thing that crawls, jumps and strangles its victims.

The film's star, '60s teen idol Rod Lauren, recorded for the RCA label and performed, "If I Had a Girl," on the Dick Clark Beechnut Show in January 1960. Peter Breck, Kent Taylor, Rod Lauren, Alan Hale Jr., Arline Judge, Allison Hayes, Richard Arlen, Syd Saylor.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. educational film. A class clown goes too far in the classroom by cracking jokes and purposely falling off a chair. Everyone is outraged at such shocking behavior.

THE CRAWLING HAND 1963 movie on DVD!

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A Note About Rod Lauren: After filming "The Crawling Hand," in 1964 Lauren traveled to the Philippines to shoot the war film, "Once Before I Die." While there he met rising Filipina actress Nida Blanca, and after more than a decade of shuttling between Manila and Los Angeles, the couple married in 1979. With his singing and acting careers long over, Lauren settled permanently in Manila and remained in the limelight via Blanca, who emerged as one of the Philippines' most beloved actresses thanks to her leading role in the long-running sitcom "John en Marsha."

But on November 7, 2001, Blanca was found stabbed to death. A hired killer named Philip Medel confessed to the crime, but claimed Lauren commissioned her murder. The crime dominated headlines in the Filipino media, and while Lauren was interrogated, he was never formally charged.

In January 2002, Lauren was allowed to return to his hometown of Tracy, CA to attend to his dying mother, and when he refused to return to Manila after her passing, murder charges were filed.

While working at a local Sears retail store, Lauren was arrested and jailed. In November 2003, a U.S. Magistrate denied extradition and ordered Lauren's release after Filipino authorities failed to supply sufficient evidence to prove his guilt. "The only thing the Philippine government had implicating me was the written confession of this person, Philip Medel, who I had never met," Lauren said later at a press conference.

Lauren later worked as a camera operator for Tracy's public access television station. On July 12, 2007, he committed suicide, throwing his body off the second-floor balcony of an area hotel. He was 67.

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