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THE DEVIL'S 8 1969
U.S. film. Excellent quality. 16:9 widescreen. Fabian is a molester. Huh? "They're the dregs of the prisons...scum of the chain gangs...welded into a shock squad to smash an underworld empire the law can't touch!"

A federal agent charged with breaking up government corruption and a moonshine syndicate in the south, poses as a chain gang convict, devises the escape of a gang of hardened prisoners, and convinces them to work for the law by promising them paroles.

A military style training camp is set up to train the convicts to become commandos who excel in high-speed driving and hurling lighted bombs at pinpoint targets. They invade the moonshine syndicate with firebombs, hand grenades, sub-machine guns and lots of macho heroism. Many die. Truth, justice and the American way are made safe for the bonded whiskey warehouses of America.

The Devil's 8 is an enjoyable, non-stop action, moonshine movie! Watch it with a six-pack! Christopher George, Fabian, Tom Nardini, Leslie Parrish, Ross Hagen, Cliff Osmond, Larry Bishop, Lynda Day George, Ralph Meeker, Roy Thiel.

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