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IT’S A 1960s SITCOM CHRISTMAS! - Volume 2

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Spend the holidays with your favorite 1960s TV friends, or make new ones, and remember what it was like before people began checking email, posting updates and texting 'round the Christmas tree. Includes some vintage '60s TV commercials too!

U.S. TV show. "An Old-Fashioned Christmas." Dec-21-66. Sam Drucker is selling artificial Christmas trees that squirt "genuine spruce spray" from the top and ooze fake sap from the trunk. Oliver is shocked; he wants an old-fashioned Christmas with a real tree, but first he must get a permit from Mr. Kimball to chop one down. After decorating a real tree, the neighbors drop by the Douglas's for an evening of songs and Lisa's Fruitcake...that quickly clears the room! Arnold the Pig should have had his own show!

U.S. TV show. "Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid." Dec-22-66. Ann tells Donald about a Christmas that she spent with one of her students while she was a teacher at a boarding school. A little boy name Tommy, who has always spent Christmas in hotels, is stuck alone at the school while his parents finish working on a movie. Ann sacrifices her own Christmas and stays with Tommy to give him his first good Christmas. In the end she finds out he's Jewish! Tommy is played by Chris Shea the voice of Linus from "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

U.S. TV show. "The Christmas Present." Dec-25-63. First of two parts. This episode makes the "identical cousin" premise seem plausible. Patty's father, Martin, has an identical twin brother, Kenneth, who is Cathy's father. And it seems he won't make it back to the USA to see Cathy on Christmas. You see, he is a foreign correspondent and was arrested in Kurdistan! To make matters worse, Kenneth's boss shows up to announce that he's been fired! At the end of the show, Patty breaks the "4th wall" by speaking directly to the TV audience telling them to tune in next week for the conclusion.

U.S. TV show. "Auld Lang Syne." Jan-1-64. Conclusion. The Christmas tree is still up and it's almost New Year's Eve. Now that Uncle Kenneth (Cathy's father) has made it home and been fired from his job, Patty and Cathy come up with an idea to get him rehired. They figure he can get his job back if he writes a best-selling book on his experiences as a foreign correspondent, which would impress his ex-boss. In the end he gets back his job and abandons his daughter for another two seasons. What a good father!

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