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IT’S A 1960s SITCOM CHRISTMAS! - Volume 3

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Spend the holidays with your favorite 1960s TV friends, or make new ones, and remember what it was like before people began checking email, posting updates and texting 'round the Christmas tree. Includes some vintage '60s TV commercials too!

MR. ED 1963
U.S. TV show. "Ed's Christmas Story." Dec-22-63. Mr. Ed tells Wilbur the true Christmas story of how a horse was responsible for getting Santa Claus started in the gift-giving business. Then Mr. Ed gives Wilbur his Christmas shopping list—Wilbur objects to buying presents for Ed's friends. Meanwhile, Gordon talks Wilbur into entering an agreement where they limit themselves to spending only $15 each on their wives.

U.S. TV show. "Santa Comes to Visit, and Stays and Stays." Dec-18-69. To relieve Christmas stress, Samantha calls Esmeralda to babysit. Every time Esmeralda sneezes she accidentally conjures up unwanted things—most fade away quickly. However, one sneeze conjures up Santa Claus—and he doesn't fade away which causes problems for Samantha! Now she has to hide or explain Santa to visitors, especially nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz. Even worse, Santa can't oversee North Pole Christmas preparations so Samantha zaps Santa's toyshop into her living room.

U.S. TV show. "The Alan Brady Show Presents." Dec-18-63. As Christmas nears Alan Brady's critics say that he lacks the heart to do a good Christmas show. So Alan rejects his writers' funny script and instead demands that real people—Rob's staff and family—perform the show. So, Alan Brady presents Rob, Laura and Ritchie Petrie, Sally Rogers, Buddy Sorrell, and Mel Cooley as his Merry Christmas wish to his TV audience. At the end of "The Alan Brady Show," the cast sings the theme of The Dick Van Dyke Show, becoming a show that references itself.

U.S. TV show. "Christmas Story." Dec-19-60. It's Christmas Eve and Mayberry has its own Scrooge, department store owner Ben Weaver. Ben witnesses Sam Muggins' moonshine operation and insists that he be jailed. To allow Sam to spend Christmas with his family, Andy jails them too as, "accessories before, during, and after the fact." Andy and his family and friends decorate a Christmas tree and celebrate while the Muggins enjoy the merriment. Ben Weaver peeps through the window and realizes he's missing the fun so he gets himself arrested but first stops at his store to get presents. He passes out in a cell after drinking a jug of Sam's moonshine.

IT'S A 1960s SITCOM CHRISTMAS – Volume 3 on DVD!

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