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IT’S A 1960s SITCOM CHRISTMAS! - Volume 1

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Spend the holidays with your favorite 1960s TV friends, or make new ones, and remember what it was like before people began checking email, posting updates and texting 'round the Christmas tree. Includes some vintage '60s TV commercials too!

U.S. TV show. "Christmas with the Addams Family." Dec-24-65. Mean next-door neighbor Mr. Thompson tells Wednesday and Pugsley that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. Gomez volunteers Uncle Fester to play Santa for the children. But when Fester gets stuck in the chimney and is a no-show, the entire family pulls together to prove to the children that Santa is real.

U.S. TV show. "The Fifteen-Foot Christmas Tree." Dec-24-61. When Mr. Wilson sees the small and scrawny white Christmas tree that Mitchell has purchased, he convinces him to return it and promises to take Dennis to cut down a real Christmas tree. It's not as easy as you'd think. By the time they return with their tree, they realize that maybe it wasn't such a good idea. Luckily they can still get their first tree. Jingle Bells plays over the closing credits instead of the regular theme.

U.S. TV show. "Christmas at the 53rd." Dec-24-61. It's a "show within a show" as the boys from the 53rd precinct put on a Christmas talent show featuring songs, skits, sketches and magic. The songs describe life at the Precinct. A highlight is Officer Schnauser performing a recitation about police brotherhood. But as he enumerates the five golden principles of brotherhood (charity, loyalty, harmony, fellowship, and kindness) the group erupts into a brawling mob as they fight over the correct order of the principles.

U.S. TV show. "A Vision of Sugarplumbs." Dec-23-65. Sam and Darrin take part in a program that allows orphaned children to spend Christmas with a nice family. The boy who stays with the Stevens thinks Christmas is "a lot of bunk." Fortunately Samantha is a good pal of Santa Claus, and a quick trip to the North Pole restores the boy's Christmas spirit. Tabitha gets a one-of-a-kind Susie Bruisie doll out of the deal. Billy Mumy guest stars.

IT’S A 1960s SITCOM CHRISTMAS! Volume 1 on DVD!

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