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Double Feature!

J.C. 1972
U.S. film. J.C. is dirty, biker messiah who leads his disciples—a gang of broads, bikes and blacks—through a reefer and LSD fueled road trip back to his hometown to show them rednecks a thing or two.

J.C. is also a carpenter. Well, actually he works construction but he's not very good at it. He gets fired for smoking pot on the job. His old lady tries to cheer him up by showing him how big their pot plant is getting.

Soon J.C. reveals his true calling as he delivers a "sermon on the mount" proclaiming that he sees a giant vibrating eye in the sky, "Staring down at me colder than a dead whore, Man!" His fellow bikers are mesmerized by his tear soaked sermon and they follow him on a ride south to find freedom.

Slim Pickens plays a redneck racist cop out to bring J.C. and his followers down. As much as the town's rednecks hate longhaired, hippie, weirdo bikers, they hate blacks even more and of course J.C. has a couple of black followers. Uh-oh. Get ready for some very nasty and bloody beatings. Can't we all just get along?

Soundtrack by the rock group, Bethany. Songs include: "Man Who Don't Know Where He's Going," "Walking On Down To See My Jesus," "Fault Of Every Man," "Hey Mister," "Cripple Creek." William F. McGaha, Hannibal Penney, Joanna Moore, Burr DeBenning, Slim Pickens, Pat Delaney, Judy Frazier, Max Payne, Conrad Peavey, Matthew Garth, Bill Chapman, Howard Lynch.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. cartoon. Color. Made during World War II, Russian Rhapsody mocks Adolf Hitler, showing him defeated by "gremlins from the Kremlin." German bombs are failing to hit Moscow, so Hitler announces his decision via a radio broadcast to personally fly a heavy bomber to attack the Russians. Hitler is shown to be a screaming, maniacal lunatic—and it's good!

J.C. 1972 Biker Movie on DVD

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