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Double Feature!

U.K. Film. Young British delinquents wearing leather and riding motorcycles starring in a musical-comedy-crime drama? Actually...yes! Anthony Newley plays "Bert Harris" an electrician who insinuates that he's a successful cat burglar and unexpectedly gets involved with a real gang of thieves who need his "expertise" to commit a big robbery. Of course, Bert was only giving them a "song and dance" (literally) about being a cat burglar but now it's too late.

The film opens in a cool-looking London jazz club (actually a cave!) where all the cats are jiving to Ted Heath's band wailing on "I Wanna Jive Tonight" in a scene that rivals the best late 50s American rock and roll films.

Anne Aubrey plays "Doll" a voluptuous dolly who shows off her highly defined bullet-bra and skin-tight pants at every opportunity. Bert gives her a good looking-over and then they dance. When Doll pulls Bert into her ample bosom Bert says, "If we dance any closer I'll be behind you."

When Doll's boyfriend "Spider" returns from a cigarette heist and sees Bert with her, it all ends in a rumble! James Booth plays Spider who looks like Britian's answer to America's favorite 50s delinquent hood, Dick Bakalyan. Although it sounds ludicrous that a hard leather gang of toughs would break into a song and dance routine while walking down the street, somehow it actually works!

The plot twists and turns and at one point a chase occurs in a seaside amusement park that includes a knife fight in the "House of Ghouls" complete with funhouse mirrors and menacing monsters! Songs: "Jazz Boat," "Someone To Love," "I Wanna Jive Tonight," "Take It Easy," "Oui, Oui, Oui." Anthony Newley, Anne Aubrey, Leo McKern, Bernie Winters, James Booth, Lionel Jeffries, Ted Heath.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.K. film. Documents the sights and sounds of Saturday night in a jazz club in Wood Green, North London. What you'll see: pompadours, pints of ale, tight sweaters, lindy and jive dancing. Priceless footage of 1950s UK teenagers and twenty-something's socializing and having a good time.

Shop girls and teddy boys. An awkward fancy-pants couple arrives via chauffeured limo to dig on the jumpin' jivin' festivities. An uptight "toff" won't dance with his girl. The Chris Barber Jazz Band fires on all cylinders and drives the crowd into a jivn' frenzy. A twisting, shaking, bouncing twirling, flailing, joyous good time.

JAZZ BOAT 1960 movie on DVD

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