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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. 16:9 widescreen. Note: Regardless of the tone of this title description, we have absolutely nothing against gays, crossdressers, bikers or hookers.

Hardcore, dirty, swastika wearing bikers burn a blazing trail down a lost highway...but wait...WTF? These guys are all gay, cross-dressing, flamers on their way to the drag queen cotillion in LA. Uh, okay.

They pick up a hitchhiker dude who's clearly intimidated by their virile and threatening masculinity but after a stop at a roadside A&W where the bikers start a brawl that features a food fight and squirting each other with suggestive jets of mustard and ketchup, the hitchhiker looks around and yells, "Jesus Christ! You're all Faggots!" Well, somebody had to say it.

When they're stopped by the highway patrol (who brandish their shotguns in the most phallic way imaginable) instead of the expected drugs, booze and guns, they find lipstick, dresses, bras, and high heels.

One of the bikers is a dirty, huge, beard-wearing gorilla who has perfect diction and a giant vocabulary. Another biker is a poet who wears John Lennon glasses and has a terrible Liverpudlian accent.

There are tons of wacky scenes along the way. A particularly bizarre segment features the bikers encountering a real biker gang and a bunch of hookers...smoke some pot, then a mind-blowing orgy breaks out! One of the bikers asks a hooker if she'd like, "ten pounds of dangling fury." Between the beer squirting everywhere and the topsy-tuvry camera angles, you'll find yourself dumbstruck.

There's a totally groovin' 70's soundtrack too! You'll hear: Thaught: "Skaggly Woman," "All But the True Shall Drift Away," "The Weakest Strength," "Don't Change Your Name Mr. Smith," "Ask Me Anna." Mike Bettle: "Hold On to My Memories," "I See America," "Still Hung Up." David Ellington: "Joyce Got Back Her Voice." Errol Sober: "Everything I Need."

John Alderman, Tom Basham, Robert Biheller, Jackson Bostwick, Karen Bouchard, Dan Haggerty (yes, Dan Haggerty), Joe Hansen, Bruce Kimball, George T. Marshall. Pink Angels.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. Educational film. The motorcycle by itself is neither safe nor dangerous. Yes, it's a blast to ride the open road, but the reality is you'll ride your motorcycle in heavy traffic and you need to have the skills to stay alive! Don't make every ride and ego trip! Lots of good information and tips. Cool wipeout scenes.

PINK ANGELS 1972 movie on DVD

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