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Triple Feature!

U.S. film. One of the rarest 1950s juvenile delinquent films, "Joy Ride" is the story of four young punks who get their kicks terrorizing a middle-aged man and his wife because the couple won't give the punks their gorgeous, brand new 1958 T-Bird.

At first the punks attempt to steal the new T-Bird but are chased away while yelling dirty words at the old man. The cops are called but are useless in helping. The punks then head for the local burger joint where all the cats are dancing to rockin' tunes wailing from a Seeburg M100C jukebox. Sitting in a booth, the JD ringleader hatches a plan to go back to terrorize the old man and take the T-Bird for a joy ride.

The gang tries to break into the garage but the old man sees them and calls the cops...again. The hoods split and hightail it back to their crash pad where they listen to jazz, play the bongos, talk hep-talk, and launch their most terrorizing plan to get the old man's T-Bird.

Fast-paced JD action, lots of cool juke joint scenes, classic 1950s furniture, and antiquated police techniques make "Joy Ride" a ride worth taking! Regis Toomey, Ann Doran, James Westmoreland, Stacy Keach, Nicholas King, Jim Bridges, Robert Levin, Roy Engel, Robert Colbert. Joy Ride.

Plus these bonus selections...

U.S. educational film. A mean high school punk creates all kinds of trouble and spoils the fun for all the swell kids at school.

U.S. educational film. A class clown goes too far in the classroom by cracking jokes and purposely falling off a chair. Everyone is outraged at such shocking behavior.

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