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Double Feature!

U.S. film. This may be the only redneck, hippie, gangster, stock car racing movie ever made. There are tons of over-the-top sleazy exploitation segments that make this film a real jaw dropper.

Lots of cars are crashing everywhere as gangster Nero Sagittarius hires stock car driver Cateye Meares, leader of a band of sadistic thugs, to help him gain control of the Southern stock-car circuit. Fireball Jungle features John Russell (Untamed Youth), Lon Chaney Jr. in his last film, Randy Kirby son of Durward Kirby and Nancy Donohue (Car 54, Where Are You?).

The film's musical highlights include the hippie, rock group Mercy performing, "Love (Can Make You Happy)." They are billed in the film as the "LSD For Lunch Bunch." The record's b-side, "Fireball" is heard during a beach party "catfight" scene. Note: "Love (Can Make You Happy)" was recorded at Charles Fuller Studio in Tampa, FL, the same studio The Royal Guardsmen recorded, "Snoopy Vs The Red Baron."

Other musical performers include Little Tiny Kennedy, a female impersonator and R&B singer who recorded some tracks in 1952 with Tiny Bradshaw for Trumpet Records. And not to be outdone, a man with a Pinocchio nose, a ukulele, and a howling poodle who performs (!) in an "elegant" club called the Throne Room. The Throne Room has toilet-seat bar stools (!), a urinal beer-tap and every time the cash register opens it sounds like a toilet flushing.

Tipping the scales towards total bizarreness is a woman who is dressed as a black and white checkerboard flag (including her painted face!), another woman who has two rat tattoos, one on each breast and another woman who has eyeballs painted on her eyelids. John Russell, Lon Chaney Jr., Alan Mixon, Randy Kirby, Chuck Daniel, Nancy Donohue, Vicki Nunis, Tiny Kennedy, The Mercy Group.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. film. One of the first, and very best, films to feature skateboarding. The boss surf rock soundtrack features Davie Allan and the Arrows playing "Skaterdater Rock." The skateboarders are little kids (11-14) who wear cool matching "team" jackets with the racing stripe down the chest.


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