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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. 16:9 widescreen. "Meet the Death Riders...As They Attempt the Most Dangerous and Terrifying Stunts Ever Seen on Film." If you like watching stuff get blow'd up real good, then Death Riders is your kind of movie! The film follows the Death Riders Motorcycle and Auto Thrill Show as they barnstorm the United States during the summer of 1974 and is done in the style of the Endless Summer with real guys doing real, unrehearsed and dangerous stunts.

Most of the daredevils are 17 or 18 years old. One kid tells us that the best part is, "staying alive so you can meet all the chicks afterward. A single guy has it made." We see the thrill show groupies picking up their daredevils after a show.

"We all do our own stunts with no tricky gimmicks, no rehearsals, and no special safety precautions. That's the way we like it." You'll see lot of jumps, flips, smashes and crashes...oh yeah, and lots of fire! One stunt involves jumping ten cars ablaze in fireworks and flames. One of the guys is rushed to the hospital after a failed "double jump." (Two guys on a motorcycle).

The group performs for a nudist colony where the naked people really get into it! "The human bomb act" is especially interesting in light of our modern times. In 1974 people were blowing themselves up for entertainment. You'd think a film like this would have a strong redneck vibe...but it doesn't. It's actually quite cool and entertaining to watch and the music is kick@ass!

Music includes: Dorsey Burnett: "Death Rider." Jerry Naylor: "I Hate To Drink Alone." "Kenny Seratt: "Highway Country Blues." Terry Stafford: "Sunny Side Up," "Sunshine Baby." Porter Jordan: "Junkyard Serenade." T.G. Sheppard: "Live For Now." Diane Jordan: "For The Love Of my Man."

Bud Boerma, Joe Byars, Jim Cates, Ron Cheesman, Larry Mann, Jim Moreau, Floyd Reed Jr., Floyd Reed Sr., Danny Reed, George Sisson, Rusty Smith, Bob Spears.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. educational film. If you'd like to know how to have a happy, organized and well-functioning home life, then follow the lead of Family Number Two in this amusing film. Family Number One is a dysfunctional, snotty-to-each-other, mess. Which family is like yours? Cool 1950s home furnishings and decorations.

DEATH RIDERS 1975 movie on DVD

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