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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Violent biker film. Bruce Dern is the sadistic leader of a vicious biker gang. When his girlfriend poses nude for an artist, he goes on a wild drunken rampage and beats the artist to an ever livin' pulp. Later, the artist retaliates with some beatings of his own that lead to a gruesome scene of final revenge in which the artist's hands are slowly crushed in a metal vise. Ouch.

Melody Patterson (Wrangler Jane from F-Troop) is gorgeous and seen nearly naked in several scenes. Casey Kasem is a slimy dude who wears a puffy shirt. And, it wouldn't be a biker movie without drugged orgies and gang rapes! Brutal exploitation! Bruce Dern, Melody Patterson, Casey Kasem, Scott Brady, Chris Robinson, Lee Chandler, Walt Robles, Steve Brodie, Maray Ayres, Karen Ciral, Virginia Hawkins. Cycle Savages.

Plus this bonus selection...

CAN. film. Is skateboarding corrupting the youth of the world? Montreal is a wild skateboarding town as evidenced by "The Devil's Toy" which shows kids wearing Beatle boots and trench coats while riding homemade skateboards and throwing rocks at police officers! This film is a satire and made to look like a documentary that portrays skateboarding as so dangerous that Canada is trying to ban them from the streets! Cops take away the kid's skateboards. There are references to Jan & Dean and gangs of skateboarders running away from the police.

CYCLE SAVAGES 1969 biker movie on DVD

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