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IDOL, THE 1966

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Double Feature!

U.K. film. Michael Parks delivers a James Dean-like performance playing "Marco," a semi-beatnik-artist studying in England, who spends most of his time playing head games and scoring with the chicks.

John Leyton (early 60s U.K. pop star who recorded "Johnny Remember Me" for Joe Meek) plays "Timothy" who is attending medical school only to satisfy his mother's domineering will. Jennifer Jones plays "Carol" the "hot" mother who tries to control Timothy's life.

Jennifer Hilary plays "Sarah," Timothy's girlfriend, who quickly ends up in Timothy's bed—with Marco! Through twists and turns (and a couple of cool jive and dance club scenes) Marco beds Timothy's mother and arrives at a pub with a streetwalker to announce his conquest.

When Timothy learns that Marco has "had" his mother, he becomes enraged and knocks his former friend into the river. Marco drowns and Timothy is arrested for manslaughter. That pretty much ends the movie! Michael Parks starred in "The Idol" in between his films, "Wild Seed" and "The Happening".

Soundtrack by John Dankworth includes: "The Idol," "Empty Arms and Empty Heart," "The Party" and others. Cool club scene with "cavern-like" cave walls. Jennifer Jones, Michael Parks, John Leyton, Jennifer Hilary, Guy Doleman, Natasha Pyne, Jack Watson, Jeremy Bulloch, Rita Webb (who appeared in To Sir, With Love and Up The Junction).

Plus this bonus selection...

Cool excerpts from the 1967 UK film, Cop Out.

THE IDOL 1966 movie on DVD

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