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Double Feature!

U.S. film. "Another day and nothing is going to happen…again. Nothing ever happens." After a wild all night party in Miami, FL., a college-aged beatnik couple (Sureshot and Sandy) wakes up among stoned-out, semi-naked bodies scattered all over the woods. Swarms of police raid the place and the kids scatter. The couple and two other offbeat characters (Taurus and Herby) jump onto a speedboat, steal it, and take off up the Intercoastal Waterway.

Bored with nothing to do and looking for kicks, all four inadvertently kidnap a retired Mafia mob boss named Roc Delmonico and take him to an old decrepit house where they hold him for $200K ransom; however, Roc's wife, Monica, his business partner Fred, former Mafia associate Sam, and even his mother all refuse to pay.

Filled with betrayal and anger, Roc attacks his kidnapers, gets the gun from Taurus and takes control of his own kidnapping! He ups the amount and now demands $3M in blackmail or else he'll expose Monica's adulterous affairs, Fred's fraudulent tax returns, and various Mafia secrets.

Mayhem follows as Roc becomes as beatnik and kooky-acting as his four bohemian associates. Roc runs the blackmail operation and drives his wife and former associates crazy with his go-for-broke attitude to ruin their lives and collect the money.

The Supremes sing the title song, "The Happening." A groovy and swinging soundtrack gives the film a hip atmosphere and adds to the excitement. Anthony Quinn, Michael Parks, George Maharis, Robert Walker Jr., Martha Hyer, Faye Dunaway, Oskar Homolka, Jack Kruschen, Milton Berle.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. auto promotional film. Chevrolet looks at the new, exciting compact car…the Corvair. The suspension, traction, braking and more are all put to the test at Limerock Connecticut Raceway. Then it's over steep hills, through mud, 20 miles in a stream and more! The Corvair looks like a dream car! Note: By 1963 GM faced over 100 lawsuits in connection with accidents involving the Corvair.

THE HAPPENING 1967 movie on DVD

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