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SHA NA NA - 1970's TV SHOW - Vol. 1

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Sha Na Na got their big break playing Woodstock, in the morning, right before Jimi Hendrix. And they never got paid. But because of the exposure they toured, made records and in the late 1970s starred in their own 1950s-themed musical TV show.

SHA NA NA - TV SHOW - Episode 5 -1977
U.S. TV Show. Guest: Carol Lawrence. Lennie sings about being "Too Chubby to Boogie," sits on a guitar and it breaks. Screamin' Scott bangs the keys and sings, "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On." Carol Lawrence leads the boys in a high kicking song and dance of "One" from A Chorus Line. Denny sings, "Silhouettes."

SHA NA NA - TV SHOW - Episode 6 -1977
U.S. TV Show. Guest: Milton Berle. Songs: "Summertime," "By the Sea," "Minnie the Mermaid," "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow," "Poison Ivy" and "Since I Don't Have You." Skit: "Uncle Miltie's Comedy School."

SHA NA NA - TV SHOW - Episode 7 -1977
U.S. TV Show. Guest: Charles Nelson Reilly. Donny sings, "Come Go with Me". Jocko and Screamin' Scott sing about Salty Sam, Sweet Sue, Slow Walkin' Jones in the song, "Along Came Jones." Sha Na Na do a rousing rendition of "Stout Hearted Men." Johnny, Donny, Bowzer and Chico sing, "Where or When." Charles Nelson Reilly performs a skit as "Ranger Reilly'"

SHA NA NA - TV SHOW - Episode 8 -1977
U.S. TV Show. Guest: Phyllis Diller. Donny wails on, "Rock Around the Clock." Donny and Chico harmonize on, "Breaking Up is Hard to Do." Phyllis Diller emcees a Sha Na Na fashion show. Lennie, Denny, Donny and Bowzer, "Lovely to Look At". Dirty Dan, Chico, "A White Sport Coat And A Pink Carnation." Screamin' Scott, Santini and Jocko, "Black Denim Trousers." For the finale, "Easter Parade." Johnny sings, "Teen Angel."

SHA NA NA - TV SHOW - Episode 9 -1977
U.S. TV Show. Guest: Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. Songs: "Jailhouse Rock," "Lover's Question," "In the Still of the Night," "Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay."

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