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BANDSTAND 1968 - Volume 1

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The vibe on American Bandstand is changing. The kids goof on Dick, walk in front of the camera and are definitely out there! Are they high? Well, it is 1968!

U.S. TV show. Apr-27-68. Excellent quality. 4:3 aspect ratio. The group The People appear in a groovy film/video for the song, "People." The Young Rascals appear in a frolicking film. The soundtrack is a medley of: "Easy Rollin'," "I'm Gonna Love You" and "Please Love Me."

The new trends in feature films are action and violence. Professional stunt men demonstrate a fight scene that includes punching, bottle smashing, and chair breaking on heads. Dick accidently hurts one of the stuntmen who dashes off stage to examine his eye!

Telephone Hotline features Will Millar of the Irish Rovers who talks about the LP and song, "The Unicorn" and when the group will be touring the US.

The Top-Ten Number One song of the week is, The Union Gap: "Young Girl." The Rate-a-Record segment features, The Genteels: "Please Please Please" and Ole Moon Daddy: "Moon Daddy." The Spotlight Dance features Question Mark and the Mysterians: "96 Tears."

The kids in the studio dance to, The Who: "Call Me Lightening." The Irish Rovers: "The Unicorn." Slight audio distortion for less than a minute during stunt segment. Includes original commercials.

U.S. TV show. May-18-68. The R&B and soul sound is coming on strong. The group Collage appears in-person and performs, "The Story Of Rock And Roll" and "Drifting." The group is interviewed.

Telephone Hotline features Chuck Barksdale of The Dells speaking to a teenager in the studio audience about where the group is from how they'd like to move to the West Coast, if they can afford it! The Hollywood Hotline features disc jockey Charlie Russell from KELP, El Paso. Texas. His song pick is, Keith: "98.6."

As a sign of the times, there is a segment where Dick asks the kids who they think will be running for president in 1968. Most heard answer: "Kennedy and Nixon."

The Rate-a-Record segment features, Lee Jones: "I Got To See My Baby" and Bobby Brelyn: "Bits & Pieces." The kids in the studio dance to, The Impressions: "We're Rolling On." The Dells: "Wear It On Our Face." Archie Bell & the Drells: "Tighten Up." Paul Mauriat: "Love In Every Room." Includes original commercials.

BANDSTAND 1968 - Volume 1 TV Show on DVD

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