It's Cool and Crazy, Man!

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Double Feature!

U.K. film. Excellent quality. Widescreen. Teen beat musical starring Joe Brown, Mary Wilde and Susan Maughan. Parents worry that their teenage son will fall into a life of crime by hanging around with his neighborhood hooligans. When he is inspired to write the song, "What A Crazy Gang," the tune catch the interest of a songwriting publisher.

Great music by Joe Brown and The Bruvvers and Freddie and the Dreamers (billed as "Frantic Freddie and the Dreamers," — they perform in their underwear!) Lots of nice 1963 footage in and around London.

Soundtrack includes: Joe Brown: "What A Crazy World," "Bruvvers," "Just You Wait And See." Joe Brown and The Bruvvers: "Sally Ann," "Independence." Freddie & The Dreamers: "Camptown Races," "Short Shorts." Marty Wilde & Joe Brown: "A Lay-About's Lament," "Wasn't It A Handsome Punch-Up." Marty Wilde: "Oh What A Family." Susan Maughan: "Alfred Hitchins," "Please Give Me A Chance," "I Sure Know A Lot About Love," "I Feel The Same Way Too."

Joe Brown, Marty Wilde, Susan Maughan, Harry H. Corbett, Avis Bunnage, Michael Ripper, Grazina Frame and Jessie Robbins (fat lady from Magical Mystery Tour).

Plus this bonus selection...

U.K. short film. A film montage showing the nightlife of London's Piccadilly Circus. The film begins in the early evening and ends past midnight as the last lingering passers-by are heading home. Nice Time captures the hopes and disappointments of real 1957 people in search of fun, amusement and escape in London's entertainment center. Very good soundtrack well-synched with the screen images.

WHAT A CRAZY WORLD 1963 movie on DVD

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