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Double Feature!

U.K. film. Excellent quality. Widescreen. Color. This is the very rare, uncut film, "Just For You" shown here in its original U.K. presentation. For the U.S. market several musical performances were cut from this film and combined with new footage of U.S. artists and released in America as "Disk-O-Tek Holiday."

Disc jockey, Sam Costa lies in bed and operates the first computerized, push button hit parade in history. In addition to music the computer also provides grapes, pep pills and a girl.

Sam Costa introduces these artists: Faye Craig: "Bongo Baby" and "Voodoo." The Applejacks: "Tell Me When." Al Saxon: "Mine All Mine." Band Of Angels: "Hide & Seek." The Orchids: "Mr. Scrooge." The Bachelors: "The Fox" and "Low In The Valley."

Freddy & The Dreamers: "You Were Made For Me" and "Just For You." Doug Sheldon: "Night Time." Caroline Lee & Roy Stone & Judy Jason: "Teenage Valentino." Peter & Gordon: "Leave Me Alone" and "Soft As The Dawn." Millie Small: "Sugar Dandy." Jackie and the Raindrops: "Loco-Motion."

The Warriors: "Don't Make Me Blue." Mark Wynter: "I Wish You Everything." Johnny B. Great: "If I Had A Hammer." Louise Cordet: "It's So Hard To Be Good." The Merseybeats: "Milkman."

Plus this bonus selection...

DROP IN 1965
S.E. TV show. Jan-13-65. Complete show. Excellent quality. This episode features The Honeycombs. Stomping Swedish beat group, the Dee Jays perform: "Farmer John," and "Long Tall Shorty." Other Swedish artists include: Git Hill: "Downtown." Bob Asklof: "I Love You." The Kays. The Honeycombs perform: "Have I The Right," "Is It Because," "That's The Way," and "She's Too Way Out." Thin time code.

JUST FOR YOU 1964 movie on DVD

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