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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. It's a day-in-the-life of a Los Angeles record store. An employee is not sure where to file an LP and asks, "Where do I stick Tongue?" The store employees try to thwart a serial bandit while a mega-talent show, sponsored by radio station KAKA, is happening in the parking lot. The grease ball store manager tries to get in the hot pants of the checkout girls. The hookers out front make regular comments about the goings-on in the store.

Ted Lange as a break-dancing clerk, Ruth Buzzi as the sex-starved cleaning lady, Michael Callan as the store's sleazy manager, Jack Carter as his p-whipped boss, Harold Sakata as a gay strong-arm collections man, Sorrell Booke as a clumsy cop, Ed Begley Jr. as a would-be thief. Larry Storch as a deaf customer (a deaf guy in a record store?!), Alice Ghostley and Leonard Barr as an elderly couple, Rick Dees (Disco Duck) as the talent show host and Jeff Altman as his Nazi engineer, Frank Gorshin as the elusive bandit. There's also Kinky Friedman, Gallagher and others.

Look for: George Barris custom cars, skateboard tricks in the parking lot and tons of LP jackets and posters on the wall from circa 1978. Songs include: "Record City," "Make Way For the Lover," "Gorilla Man," "Mr. Feelgood," "Nothin' In This World," "Maybe Someday," "You Are My Reason," "Steppin' Out."

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. TV. Loss prevention detectives stake out renowned record store, "Salzer's" in Ventura, CA. The store has been experiencing a high number of thefts of rare and valuable vinyl records. Hidden cameras and sting operations uncover several record and CD rip-off scams. Is it possible to shove an LP box set down your pants? This would have made a good "Dragnet" episode.

RECORD CITY 1977 movie on DVD

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