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TILT 1979
U.S. film. Fourteen-year-old Brooke Shields stars as "Tilt," a nubile, runaway pinball hustler. She hooks up with a fledgling country/rock star who's trying to raise cash so he can go to LA and make a demo tape. After seeing Tilt's amazing pinball skills as she beats a hustler, he gets the idea that she should travel cross-country with him hustling people in bars and arcades all along the way.

Look for cool, action close-ups of these pinball machines: 1975 Gottlieb 300, 1977 Gottlieb Cleopatra (EM), 1974 Williams Skylab, 1976 Williams Space Mission, 1974 Williams Triple Action, 1973 Gottlieb King Pin, 1977 Gottlieb Mustang, 1979 Koala Cosmic Venus.

The film was shot on locations in Hollywood, Santa Cruz, CA and Corpus Christi, TX. On Hollywood Boulevard there's a nice shot of the Capital Records Tower and a close up of Elvis' Star! There's mention of kids growing marijuana in the police chief's backyard, getting busted and claiming it's for medical purposes.

The soundtrack includes the songs: "Pinball Fantasy," "Pinball, That's All," "Melody Man," "Don't Stop The Music," "Santa Cruz People," "Long Road To Texas," "Rock 'n' Roll Rodeo," "My Music," "Brenda's Theme." "Don't Let The Rain Get To You," "You Really Didn't Have To Do It."

Brooke Shields, Ken Marshall, Charles Durning, Gary Mule Deer, Lorenzo Lamas, John Crawford, Karen Lamm, Gregory Walcott, Don Stark, Frank Pesce, Fred Ward.

TILT 1979 Pinball Movie on DVD!

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