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Double Feature!

U.S. film. "One of the best surfing films ever made!" -Surfer Magazine '87. Locked In feels like an episode of the "The Wild World of Sports" with its fast pacing, excellent photography, and thrilling surfing action.

Some of the world's best surfers demonstrate their hotdog stunts and tricks! Look for death-defying wipeouts including bloody faces and cut-up backsides. The action takes place in choice surfing locations including California, Australia, and Hawaii.

Tons of heavy-reverb, tremolo-twanging 1960s instrumental surf music including the Trashmen "Bad News." Cool scene features Dick Dale on the beach with 100 surfers and bikini babes dancing wildly! Comic segments feature "Super Surfer," a bald, middle-aged guy in a Superman costume.

The Beatles were all the rage in America as this film was being made. There's segment featuring four surfers in mop-top wigs rocking, rolling and jumping all over while miming to "She Loves You." Soon they're chased off by screaming bikini girls but not before a snare drum crashes through a surfer's head!

Note: this film was re-released on VHS in the early 90s. The soundtrack was updated and several scenes were omitted and new ones added. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL 1964 VERSION OF LOCKED IN and contains boss and bitching surf music and surfing footage!

The McCaw Skateboard Team from Santa Monica is shown styling down a sidewalk to a park were they show off all their surf-inspired tricks. Greg Abbott, Dick Dale, Robert August, Linda Benson, Steve Gaines, Ricky Grigg, Greg Noll, Buzzy Trent, Mike Doyle, Mike Stang, Dewey Weber, Candy Calhoun, Marge Calhoun.

Plus this bonus selection...

KAREN 1964
U.S. TV show. Episode 9: "Teacher's Romance" Dec-17-64. Karen was a short-lived TV sitcom focused on high school girl "Karen." The opening theme was performed by the Beach Boys. In this episode Karen thinks her teacher has a crush on her. The kids use teenage lingo like: "digs," "corny," "go ape," and "neato!" Debbie Watson, Richard Denning, Mary LaRoche, Gina Gillespie.

LOCKED IN 1964 movie on DVD!

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