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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Cool surfing film with a truly excellent original surf music soundtrack by The Blazers. In the early 1960s surfing was becoming a major new sport. First there were specialized full-color magazines catering to aficionados and fans. Then came films, the first well-known one being, Endless Summer.

Hot on the heels of Endless Summer came Blue Surf-Ari. While not as popular at the time as Endless Summer, Blue Surf-Ari is now a classic both for the terrific surfing footage and for the awesome surf soundtrack by the Blazers.

Cool vintage footage includes: Pacific Coast Highway One, Dale Velzy shaping boards, shooting arrows and riding a dune buggy. Surf band the Blazers play during a bikini contest, Tandem surfing with Mike Doyle at Huntington Beach Surf Championships, a spaghetti fight between surfers and cute bikini girls. The film opens with the same wave used in Hawaii Five-O.

Photographers that participated with the filming include Ron Church, Jim Freeman and Bud Browne. Jim Irwin, John Cormack, Hal Buckley, Ricky Grigg, Sue Peterson, Mike Benet, Greg Noll, Pam Douglas, Dian Charles, Stubby. Blue Surf-Ari!

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. educational short. A film about "blowing pot." Say what?! Tom's mom finds a joint in his bedroom and accuses him of being a dope head. Tom denies it and starts investigating the world of weed heads and dopers. Tom visits a local psychedelic shop, then meets stoners who sit around passing joints and pipes and are clearly "out of it." In the end Tom makes an important life decision, to "keep off the grass!"

BLUE SURF-ARI 1967 movie on DVD!

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