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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Surfing travelogue with lots of surfing footage set against a groovy musical soundtrack provided by Dino, Desi and Billy! Excellent direction and cinematography.

Three young surfing champions, Claude Codgen, Mary Lou McGinnis and Bob Purvey, embark on a colorful and up-tempo surfing travelogue looking for bitchin' surf locations! The trio makes stops in Portugal, Morocco, Ceylon, India, Hong Kong and Japan before concluding with Hawaii.

Wearing their brightly colored mod clothing, the surfers stand out very loudly among the locals as they stroll the streets in foreign lands. Everywhere these kids go they seem to attract excitement and happiness, and the cameras capture all the contagious joy.

Dino, Desi and Billy supply some groovy soundtrack music! Songs include: "Surfers 3," " Thru Spray Colored Glasses," "Like The Wind And Sea," "Just Lookin' For Someone," "Big Wave Bay," "Incinerator," " Waimea…Straight Down," and others.

There's an interesting back-story to the soundtrack music. David Gates and Stu Phillips wrote several of the songs. In 1957, as a teenager, David Gates' high school rock and roll group backed Chuck Berry! Gates started his professional career as a rockbilly-ish singer/songwriter. He later worked with Elvis Presley, Bobby Darin, Merle Haggard, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, Captain Beefheart and many others. He wrote "Saturday's Child" for the Monkees.

Stu Phillips had a long career writing television and film scores. One of his first was for the 1964 movie, "Ride the Wild Surf." He also founded Colpix Records and produced hits for Shelley Fabares, Nina Simone, and The Skyliners. He also composed music for the "The Monkees" TV show, among other career achievements.

Lots of bikinis, suntanned bodies and surfing footage. The camera work includes some not-to-subtle moves past heaving cleavage and other female anatomy. It's a man's world…or at least it was!

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. film. One of the first, and very best, films to feature skateboarding. A group of boys who look between 11-14 years old, style around on clay wheels, walk the nose, and do insane tricks on narrow little death planks—and in bare feet! One of the skaters catches the eye of a young girl and a love interests develops. Faced with the dilemma, he has to choose between the girl and his skateboarding buddies.

The boss surf rock soundtrack features Davie Allan and the Arrows playing "Skaterdater Rock." The skateboard riders were members of The Imperial Skateboard Club from Torrance, CA. Check out their boss matching "team" jackets with the racing stripe down the chest!

FOLLOW ME 1969 Surfing Movie on DVD!

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