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CANDY 1968
U.S. film. Excellent quality. 16:9 widescreen. Sex, sex, sex – and Ringo Starr and Anita Pallenberg! Tell it like it is baby. A classic example of a film that could have only happened in the 1960s! The film begins with a trippy outer space hard rock segment that brings high school teenage sexpot "Candy" to earth to learn about life, love and…sex. I think?!

It seems that every older man Candy encounters wants to "have her." Including her uncle! Ringo Starr, during the Beatles "White Album" era, appears as a Mexican gardener who has his way with Candy atop a pool table!

Marlon Brando as an Indian guru who while searching for the aura of Candy's focal point touches one breast then another before placing his hand on her crotch when he says, "Ah ha! Here! And how alive it is! Candy replies, "Oh no, it surely, could not be there. No, I'm certain it's NOT there! Brando: "Trust me, who's the guru here?"

Top Hollywood actors from the 60s appear as middle-aged gropers including: John Astin, Marlon Brando, James Coburn, John Huston, Richard Burton and Walter Matthau. Soundtrack includes the Byrds: "Child Of The Universe" and Steppenwolf: "Magic Carpet Ride" and "Rock Me." Ewa Aulin, Ringo Starr, Anita Pallenberg, Sugar Ray Robinson, John Astin, Marlon Brando, James Coburn, John Huston, Richard Burton, Walter Matthau, Charles Aznavour, Elsa Martinelli. Candy!

CANDY 1968 movie on DVD!

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