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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. Widescreen letterbox. Not your average teen movie. Filmed in 1960, The Young Sinner is the story of a high school football star whose life spirals out of control. The film debuted in 1963 entitled, Among the Thorns but was changed to The Young Sinner when re-released in 1965.

A top athlete in school but from a poor home, Chris hopes to win a football college scholarship. Although he has troubles at home with his feeble, alcoholic father and working mother, Chris is happy with his girlfriend, Ginny.

When a coach catches him after hours at the school swimming pool he's put on probation. He begins seeing a wealthy girl named Tury, hoping her influential father will help him get a scholarship. Ginny, believing Chris's interest in Tury is romantic, breaks up with him.

Further degeneration occurs when Tury's parents come home and find Chris in bed with their daughter. Next, Chris is implicated in a raid on a drugstore and is expelled from school. Feeling alone and dejected, Chris takes 14-year-old Joan Meyers to a church loft to have sex.

Later he becomes extremely blasphemous and smashes church ornaments. Ultimately he seeks the help of a priest who will help him turn his life around. Tom Laughlin, Stefanie Powers, William Wellman Jr., Robert Fuca, Linda March, James Stacy, Chris Robinson, Dennis O'Flaherty.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. TV show. "Bobbie Jo and the Beatnik." Hillbilly existentialism! Dennis Hopper plays Alan Landman, a poetry-reading beatnik from New York City who stays a spell at the Shady Rest. During his visit he makes a big impression on Bobbie Jo Bradley. Everyone else thinks he's a phony; after all, his poems don't even rhyme. Bobby Jo starts to question the possible meaningless of her own conventional life.

THE YOUNG SINNER 1963 movie on DVD

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