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U.S. film. "Teenagers on parole. Too young to know better…Too hard to care. "A parole officer spends more time trying to solve teenage delinquency than he does on filing his own reports.

His efforts lead to a promotion where he ends up neglecting his own daughter. The parole officer refuses to loan $500 to his prospective son-in-law so the kid cooks up a swindling scheme to raise the money.

After running off with her bad-boyfriend, the daughter has to return to daddy to ask for help in getting her JD out of the slammer.

Arthur O'Connell, Nancy Malone, Fred Beir, Clarice Blackburn, Norman Fell, Henry Sharp, Frank Maxwell, Tom Middleton. The Violators.

Bonus Selection: 1950s Newsreels and human-interest footage.

THE VIOLATORS 1957 movie on DVD

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