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Double Feature!

U.S. film. "Nice girl" Betty (Norma Moore) moves to Los Angeles and is immediately hit on by Don (Robert Vaughn), a charming but egotistical creep who uses lies and flattery to manipulate women for his own gain. Don cons Betty into signing over her paychecks to him. He then smooth talks her into "doing it" and Betty finds herself pregnant. Don uses the money to romance a rich girl into marriage but needs more, so he uses Betty as an unknowing getaway driver in a botched robbery.

When Betty is tossed in jail with a bunch of hookers she learns about a doctor who can "fix" her situation. The abortionist, played to perfection by Timothy Carey, is totally creepy; he talks like a thug and has greasy bits of hair hanging in his face. Unable to cope, Betty decides to move into a home for unwed mothers where she will give up the baby for adoption.

Scene of note: Ron Hargrave sings his MGM record, "Young Romance" (pop, doo wop song), at an evening beach party complete with guitar strumming, beer drinking, camp fire, crashing waves and young love! Norma Moore, Robert Vaughn, Diana Darrin, Billie Bird, Jeanne Cooper, Ron Hargrave, Ken Lynch, Timothy Carey. Unwed Mother.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. industrial film. The Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA) tells us that bowling is a healthy sport. Cool film to promote bowling as good, clean family fun. Honestly, my game has improved after watching this film! Pro bowlers Ned Day and Marion Ladewig provide instructions and sportsmanship tips. Also, "duck pin" bowling instructions. If you need some pointers or dig '50s bowling shirts, this film is for you.

UNWED MOTHER 1958 movie on DVD

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