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Double Feature!

U.S. film. A film production company led by Charlie, a Roger Corman-like director, arrives in a hick town to begin filming a low budget a biker movie. Charlie wants realism and directs his young actors to really get into their roles – to actually live their parts.

The production crew meets a local teenage girl who eventually assists them in their strange style of filmmaking. The director, you see, wants authentic realism so he instructs his cast to duke it out in real fight scenes inside local businesses to get the shocked reaction from the local townspeople.

Real fights, real blood and real murder follow as their biker film gets way out of control…even for a biker film! The director becomes worried that the film is not long enough so he goes about padding the film with sex scenes in an attempt to make it longer.

Hear the song: "The Real Thing" sung by Carol Carmichael. 1970s porn star John Holmes has as small role as a desk police officer. Good performances by Joe Warfield and Sue Bernard (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!). Teenager (a.k.a. The Real Thing) is a prime specimen of 70s exploitation filmmaking. Andrea Cagan, Joe Warfield, Sue Bernard, Barry Cahill, Federico Corban, Maria De Aragon, David Gillien, John Holmes.

Plus this bonus selection...

BUNNY 1971
U.S. educational short. Bunny is a young college girl who is estranged from her mother and lives in a house with other girls. She smokes pot for fun and "raps" about her drug use, why she does it and how it affects her lifestyle, ambitions and self-perception. Bunny has that late 60s mod "Yardley" look. She and her hot girlfriends smoke a joint, drink cheap wine and act silly. She also digs Psilocybin and Mescaline, especially the way colors look. Actually everything is a lot better, she says, when you're stoned.

TEENAGER (a.k.a. THE REAL THING) 1974 movie on DVD

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