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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. This "epic disaster film" is a pyromaniac's dream come true! Duane Eddy is on the soundtrack; he plays, "Ring Of Fire," and "Bobbie." Lots of cool hipster lingo, daddy-o! And, it features the great Doodles Weaver.

The juvenile delinquent action begins immediately as the film opens. Three psycho teenage delinquent hoodlums get busted in a small northwestern town and as they get hauled to the police station they pull a gun on the cops and try to make a break for it. They take the sheriff hostage as they escape through the heavily wooded forest.

There's a lot of sexual tension as the cute, tight blue jeans and midriff wearing teenage devil doll makes a big come-on to cop David Janssen. Frank Gorshin plays such a deranged whack-job—it seems he began developing the "Riddler" character while making this film.

The driest summer in years and one dropped cigarette causes a spectacular forest fire that becomes a focal point of the film. The last half-hour depicts the efforts to evacuate the town from the oncoming inferno. Dramatic, real-life forest fire footage. David Janssen, Joyce Taylor, Frank Gorshin, Joel Marston, James Johnson, Ron Myron, Marshall Kent, Doodles Weaver. Ring Of Fire.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. Industrial film. The makers of "Crisco" vegetable shortening want you to think you're watching a sitcom, but it's really a commercial in disguise starring teenaged Bonnie Franklin. Mother regularly interrupts the girl's conversation to remind them that "Crisco" would be a perfect solution to their cooking situation. In the end the girls give in to mid-sixties male-female stereotypes and let the boys win the cooking contest…because men are the winners and women are supposed to support them.

RING OF FIRE 1961 movie on DVD

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