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Double Feature!

U.S. film. The square and conservative establishment meets the hip and unconventional 60s flower children—and the result is a big generation gap! Walter, and very pregnant Doris, (Kim Darby and Peter Duel) are two late-teens, early 20s NYC kids who get married at City Hall and afterward walk home through Chinatown and the Lower East Side to their run-down, rat infested East Village loft.

They are near broke but decide to spend the money to make a direct phone call (remember calling "collect?") to Doris' uptight father Jim (David Janssen) to break the news that she is married. Jim catches the next available TWA flight (the in-flight film is a wild biker movie.) from Denver to NYC, but what he doesn't know is that Walter, a photographer, and Doris plan on having their baby in their loft—with Walter delivering!

David Janssen, best known for playing the dead-serious role of Dr. Richard Kimble in the "Fugitive" delivers a comic performance as he stutters and stumbles around his daughter and new son-in-law while trying to appear happy for them.

Jim, worried that Walter is not qualified to deliver a baby, calls his old buddy Dr. Stanley Herman (Carl Reiner) who agrees that home delivery could be dangerous. They meet a lawyer to determine what can be done to prevent the "loft" delivery. Amusing mayhem ensues.

Generation is an interesting study of the times as Walter and Jim continually argue about, and dissect the values of, the older and younger generation. Way-out weirdo hippie-psychedelic scene where Walter tries to photograph Doris' "vibes!" Lots of NYC outside location scenes. Swinging, hip and groovy late '60s soundtrack. David Jansen, Kim Darby, Pete Duel, Carl Reiner, Andrew Prine, James Coco, Sam Waterston, Lincoln Kilpatrick.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. Short. Filming "Shaft" on location. A cool behind the scenes look at the making of the film, "Shaft." Isaac Hayes in the studio with director Gordon Parks develops soundtrack elements including the Shaft theme. Camera crew and actors film a violent bar scene featuring beer bottles breaking on heads, gushing blood and machine gun fire. "A new expression of blackness in film!" Isaac Hayes, Richard Roundtree.

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