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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Rare, uncut and uncensored, featuring full frontal and rear nudity, make out scenes, catfights and skinny-dipping. The plot is involved but let's just say it's got plenty of teenage delinquency, rock 'n' roll, cat-fights, nudity and sex…and some cool-looking cars if anyone cares. Gratuitous cat-fight scene featuring two girls rolling on the floor, scratching, pulling each other's hair and ripping each other's clothes off.

Jean is a juvenile delinquent teenager bored with her home life. She goes on a date with Tony—a nice guy her parents approve of. As soon as they arrive at their teen hangout, Jean borrows Tony's car to hook up with "Mack" McKeen, a crooked cop she bangs in a borrowed beatnik's pad. "The Beard" is a slimy beatnik artist who gets naked teenagers to pose for his sketches.

Greaser guitar group The Dodds play the rockabilly number "Teen-Age Tiger," at a dive called the Golden Goose Lounge. There's lots of swing dancing, nubile chicks, and beatnik lingo. "You're transmittin', but I'm not receivin' …You dig, daddy-o?" The Dodd's wild rockabilly lead guitar sounds more like 1956 than 1959. Buddy Fry sings the pop rock song, "The Prime Time" during a lengthy skinny dipping scene featuring lots of T&A and making out.

The teenagers look like they're wearing their own clothes and hairstyles so you get a cool glimpse of 1959 teen fashions. Jo Ann LeCompte, Karen Black, Frank Roche, Ray Gronwold, James Brooks, Maria Pavelle, Robert Major, Ron Siden, Bettina Brandt, Betty Senter, Penny Kunard. The Prime Time.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. short film. The city of Santa Monica, CA is on full display showing all the recreational things to do, the thriving commerce, and the lives of its residents. Terrific aireal and road trip footage clearly shows the city and surrounding areas, including Malibu, as it looked in 1959.

Several Hollywood stars are mentioned as being residents. In one scene Caesar Romero flicks his cigarette butt on his own highly manicured front lawn. Cool footage of Pacific Ocean Park, America's newest amusement park, and cool-looking motels, hotels, restaurants and clubs. Now all we need is a time machine.

THE PRIME TIME 1959 movie on DVD

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