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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. 16:9 widescreen. Hippies, communes, free love, drugs, violent bikers, rape and gang war—roll film and... "Action"'ve got a biker movie! Oh yeah, don't forget fuzz guitar...this film's got Jew's harp!

Rebel, Gadget and Snatch are members of the Death Row motorcycle club. That's not really very important but it's fun to say. Anyway...Kristen is a hippie chick who lives on an idyllic hippie commune. She was once the "old lady" of Rebel, the leader of the Death Row motorcycle gang. Kristen ran away from the Death Row gang because, well...these guys are drugged out dirt bags with awful hygiene! But guess what? If you're a chick who runs away from these bikers, when they find you they'll drink beer, smoke pot and rape you!

Kristen and her brother Jeff are picking up supplies at a small store when she's spotted by one of the bikers who quickly rides back to the hangout to tell Rebel that Kristen is in the vicinity. Rebel is determined to punish Kristen for ditching him.

Kristen and Jeff arrive back at the commune where Alex, the leader, is preaching love and peace. Meanwhile, Rebel and the bikers go to the store, where they torture the owner into revealing Kristen's whereabouts by puncturing his palm with a pencil.

When Kristen tells Alex that the gang may be coming for her, Alex calls a meeting of the commune and advocates a non-violent approach, arguing that reason always wins out over violence. Yeah right! What follows is an all out war that includes knives, spears, pitchforks guns, strangulation, rape and participation of another biker gang that decides to take sides with the hippies.

Songs include: "Rebel" and "White Dove." Clint Ritchie, Jess Walton, Paul Prokop, Michael Ontkean, Lavelle Roby, Nino Candido, Jon Hill, Gary Morgan, John Raymond Taylor. The Peace Killers.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. TV show. An episode of Adam-12 that features a biker gang accused of stealing little old ladies' purses. The gang's leader is Edd "Kookie" Byrnes and his second in command is Monkee Micky Dolenz sporting a greased back DA haircut and huge Elvis sideburns! Another biker is played by Keith Taylor who appeared in several Leave It To Beaver episodes and 1960s teen movies and TV shows.


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