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Double Feature!

U.S. film. So-bad-it's-good filmmaker & actor Ray Dennis Steckler gives us this low-budget, Los Angeles heroin underworld, detective movie that stars his then wife, Carolyn Brandt.

Down on his luck detective, Charlie Smith (Ray Dennis Steckler), begins investigating a string of robberies committed by a sexy woman dressed like a cat. Soon he catches the woman (Carolyn Brandt) and we find out she stole $150K worth of un-cut heroin from the bad guys. Instead of bringing her in, Charlie decides to work with her to double-cross the dope gangsters and make a fortune while doing it.

Look for extended footage in a strip club and of the seedy side of Hollywood Boulevard. A hippie pimp (or a hippie fortune-teller?) offers Charlie some girl action. Listen for straight-out-of-another-dimension soundtrack music. Look for nice footage in a dirty bar patronized by low-life clientele that includes a soundtrack by a grungy garage band. The soundtrack sounds like it wants to be "Wild Thing" but the musicians don't know the next chord to play.

In 1962 Ray Dennis Steckler was director, writer, and actor in the film, Wild Guitar. Carolyn Brandt, Ray Dennis Steckler, Ron Haydock, Bernard Fein, Gary Kent, Brett Pearson, Herb Robins, Coleman Francis, Dina Bryan, Julie Conners.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. TV show. Jan-13-68. An episode of "Get Smart" has Max and 99 going mod! Chaos' underground DJ transmits live rock 'n' roll by the group, "The Sacred Cows." (The Beautiful Daze.) Their music is more than hip—it's hypnotic—and turns all the teenagers into dancing zombies so Chaos can use them to wreak havoc. Larry Storch (F-Troop) is the Groovy Guru! The Sacred Cows perform, "Kill, Kill, Kill."

SUPER COOL (A.K.A. BODY FEVER) 1969 movie on DVD

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