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Triple Feature!

U.S. educational film. 4:3 aspect ratio. This is unquestionably the coolest film about the 1960s drug scene. We follow "Donny," a teenage drug user, from 1966 to 1969. The film opens with the awesome psychedelic garage punk song, "Journey In Time" by Texas group, Kenny and the Kasuals.

The major emphasis of this film is that rock and roll makes kids take drugsand it's all the Beatles fault! The narrator takes us back to 1966 when the Beatles ruled the world and Lennon & McCartney were writing drug-influenced songs. (Cool Beatles footage!) Donny really digs the new scene; he grows his hair long and joins a rock band.

Because the Beatles are singing happily about, "getting high," Donny wants to try some pot, but he can't find a dealer. But...he's read somewhere that sniffing glue gets you high so he and his pals have a savage glue sniffing session. There's something mesmerizing about hearing psychedelic garage-punk while watching '60s footage of teenagers inhaling bags of glue and then puking their guts out.

By 1967 Donny found a pot dealer and he and his pals toke up while we hear, "With A Little Help From My Friends." The film producers obviously didn't get permission to use Beatle footage and music, so they figured what the heck and used whatever they wanted! The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Scott Mackenzie, Big Brother and the Holding Co., Kenny and the Kasuals, etc.

Dig this: Donny's parents pay $10,000 to hire a rock band and psychedelic light show, then they invite all the adults in town to a "simulated LSD experience." The town's teenagers also show up and are influenced by the rock song lyrics telling them drugs are cool. Next, we see LSD parties where half the guys in the room look like they're in the Electric Prunes! Awesome clothes and haircuts.

Now it's the Summer of Love and Donny goes to San Francisco, lives in a crash pad and becomes completely immersed in drugs. Look for footage of the Grateful Dead getting high—if you go frame-by-frame you can see Jerry Garcia tripping his brains out. Donny moves to Berkeley and panhandles on Telegraph Ave. while we hear Dylan sing, "Like A Rolling Stone."

In 1968 "speed" is the drug of choice in San Francisco so Donny becomes a speed dealer and travels to "be-ins" and "happenings" to sell his drugs. Since Haight St. became a skid row in 1968, big rock festivals spring up to rekindle the magic of the Summer of Love. In 1969 Donny goes to Woodstock and Altamont. Donny becomes a junkie. You've got to see this film.

Plus these bonus selections...

U.S. documentary short. Phyllis recalls how she became a drug addict. It all started driving around after class with her friends smoking pot, laughing and having a ball. Then she met "Chuck," the suave dope peddler who turned her onto "H." Quickly they marry. The cops raid their pad; Chuck flushes their stash and goes to jail. Phyllis is now strung out without any dope. Bummer.

U.S. educational film. Over 100 years ago there was a very rough area of San Francisco. It was so bad that no cop wanted to work the beat. The city had to pay policemen working this area more money. Because these cops made more money they could afford better cuts of beef—tenderloin.

In the 1960s and beyond, the Tenderloin area of San Francisco is still a rough area and is a center for drugs, prostitution and crime. In this documentary we hear from the dopers, hustlers, prostitutes, kids on crystal meth and thrill seekers.

A youth worker takes some straight adults on a walking tour and points out various spots such as the Market St. area known as the "meat rack" where boys from 12-18 sell themselves. The hidden camera films out-of-town businessmen as they walk the street to pick up young boys for sex.

JOURNEY IN TIME 1971 film on DVD

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